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Sometimes I hate being right. Takes out all of the fun.

- Totally called it, 'Sam' was actually Neal's father. Of all things I couldn't get over the hair. Plus really, who would trust someone like him? Neal, except for Peter, seems to always want to trust people like that... which I guess are actually his Daddy Issues.

- I can't decide if that whole thing with Kramer wanting to get Neal to DC was part of all this. Because somehow that part of the plot got completely dropped. Theory: They (the DC conspiracy group) were messing with Neal to pressure his father to finally track down Ellen and the evidence but in the course of thing they find that Neal already knew where she was, so they dropped that part of the plot.

- Not sure about how I felt about the actual episode. The last few kinda felt like filler. Maybe when this plot is done I go back and appreciate the plots.

- Kept thinking Neal and Peter were in couples counseling poster  at the conference. Now picturing them sharing the same couples group as the cops in "Common Law" so now I'm checking if there is a fanfic out there like that, cause really it reminds me of a meta fic I read were different fandom couples met at a pub that transected all their universe. If nothing else it should be the next USA Promo. Sorry mind wandered, but seriously I kinda want to write promo copy now 

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